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Crossover: (Video) Sterling EQ – Weeping (ft. Muzukidz) (2019)

South Africa, Africa | April 2019

Cape Town’s acclaimed, SAMA award-winning instrumental pop group Sterling EQ has released a music video epic of their rendition of the Dan Heymann song “Weeping”. The video, shot in the heart of Cape Town, stretching from Khayelitsha to Table Mountain, features the all-woman trio as well as a group of children from Muzukidz, a local organisation that offers violin tuition to children from low income township families.

The video follows the story of one of the children and her mother, journeying from their humble home deep within the township, to their respective destinations in town. The wonderful story of hope and opportunity that is revealed, is juxtaposed with the mother character’s slog, while her connection with her daughter remains a strong thread throughout.

“Arranging a song that is larger than life and steeped in history, is a good challenge. Our rendition of Weeping is simplistic and humble, reflecting the beauty of the melody and allowing the listener to feel the gravity of Heymann’s composition, and to reassess where we currently stand as South Africans, perhaps”, says Bruwer. “The video is very close to our hearts and we are delighted to feature the beautiful and talented MUZUKIDZ in this South African story of hope, sacrifice and opportunity. We have poured our hearts into this short film and we can only hope that South Africans will resonate with the sounds, the feelings and the messages of hope, without having to deny the pathos therein.”

Thanks for the beautiful description to Carina Bruwer. For more details about the group please visit their website. 🙂

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