Armand Amar Classical Music & Crossover Epic Music / Film Score Europe

(Audio) Armand Amar – La Terre vue du ciel (Soundtrack) (2004)

France, Europe | 2004

French of Moroccan origin (born in Jerusalem), Armand Amar spent his childhood in Morocco. Imbued with the sounds of instruments considered exotic at the time, the pull of that “world apart” exercised by extra-European music soon fascinated him. Autodidact, he was constantly searching for physical experiences in the early years of his musical apprenticeship, whereas in the following years his search became a commitment; he learned to play tablas, discovered the zarb and congas, and studied under various masters of traditional and classical music. More about Armand on his official website.

“La Terre vue du ciel” (Earth From Above) is a serie of 15 documentaries (plus a special Copenhaguen episode) of 90 minutes each, presented by Yann Arthus-Bertrand and dedicated to the major challenges faced by our planet, it was broadcast on France 2 and France 3, French national television. The show “Earth From Above” is 4 years of shooting for 4 seasons and a total of 15 episodes plus special Copenhague (“A night for the Earth“) (2006 – 2011). More about the show and videos of the episodes here.

Armand is also know for composing the soundtrack music for ‘HOME’ (by Yann Arthus-Bertrand), one of the most breathtaking visual documentaries ever made (you can find on Youtube videos in several languages FR / ES etc.):

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