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(Videos) ‘Despacito’ Covers: Luis Grazziatto (Saxphone) | 2CELLOS (Cello) (2017)

Check 2 new covers of the most popular and viral song of this first half of the year.

Luis Grazziatto

A saxophone is a single reed, woodwind instrument first developed in the mid-1800s by Adolphe Sax. It is composed of a mouthpiece, conical metal tube, and finger keys. Sound is produced when air is blown through the instrument causing the reed to vibrate. This sound is amplified as it travels through the instrument’s main body. Saxophones consist of numerous parts and pieces which are made separately and then assembled. More on www.encyclopedia.com.


The violoncello (or cello) is the lowest-sounding member of the violin family. It is part of the standard orchestra and is the bass voice of the string quartet, as well as being part of many other chamber groups. The violoncello is capable of covering nearly the entire range of pitches produced by the human voice, from the soprano to the alto of an adult choir. More on www.mq.edu.au.

More about Luis Fonsi, the singer of the original version of ‘Despacito’ plus the official video of the song here.

Listen to a violin cover here.

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