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(Video) Goran Bregovic – Three Letters From Sarajevo (Trailer 1) (2017)

Bosnia-Herzegovina, Europe | July 2017 | Taken from the Goran Bregović's forthcoming album : "Three Letters From Sarajevo".

Born in Sarajevo of a Serbian mother and a Croatian father.  After a few years of music studies at the conservatory (violin), Goran forms his first group “The White Button” at the age of sixteen.  Composer and guitar player

“I chose the guitar because guitar players always have most success with girls”,

he admits his immoderate love for rock n’roll.

 “In those times, Rock had a capital role in our lives.  It was the only way we could make our voice heard, and publicly express our discontent without risking jail (or just about)…”

Coming from the same background, the same generation, survivors of the same experiences, Goran BREGOVIC and Emir KUSTURICA formed a tandem which didn’t need words to communicate.  After “Times of the Gypsies” Goran had a free hand to compose the original soundtrack for “Arizona Dream”.  The music lives up to the film – poetical, original and incredibly enhancing.

 “One of the great things about Emir’s movies is that they show life exactly as it is – full of holes, hesitations and unexpected events.  It’s this imperfect, unorganised side that I wanted to preserve above all. Even the songs recorded with Iggy are very under-produced.  There’s just his voice and behind it a gypsy-orchestra blowing into old pre-war trumpets and cow’s horns.  It’s really very simple.” More on

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